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AIMP Free Download

About AIMP

AIMP is a music player software is now being mostly used by many people. since Winamp, there is one music player. This software also offers a free addition to winning several features that are not owned by Winamp. read more below.
"Qualitative and pure playing multimedia of files, including mp3."
BS Editor: Qualitative and pure playing multimedia of files, including mp3
MediaPlayer - qualitative and pure playing multimedia of files, including mp3; good facilitys, the small size and minimal use of system resources.

Here are some key features of 'AIMP Classic':
-crystal-clear sound, technology of reproduction essentially differs from Winamp and WMP;
-Sensitive Equalizer;
-A maximum of functionality from a minimum of resources;
-The minimal consumption of system resources;
-Multilingual support ;
-Support of set of formats of audio
-Adjustment of global and local hot keys (patterns from WinAmp and WMP);
-Flexible options of the program and various covers will allow you to make A.I.M.P. completely individual;
-Support of plug-ins with which help it is possible to expand opportunities of the program;
-The audioconverter codes music from the most different formats in wma, mp3, wav, ogg;
-audioGrab allows to overtake AudioCD in Mp3, OGG, WAV or WM;
-The sound recording will allow you to write down a sound from any audio of the device in system;
-The built - in editor of tags, support WMA, MP3, OGG;
-An opportunity of record AudioCD, MP3-disks and disks with given

-Sound Card
-DirectX 8.1 or above
-3 Mb at HDD you can free download AIMP Classic 2.03 now.


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SPSS free download

SPSS software is helping us in solving a very complicated statistical calculations. in the latest version, SPSS v 17 more improvements to the program in menganalysis statistical data.

The following are services that can be utilized in the latest version of SPSS.

* SPSS Advanced Statistics
* SPSS Categories ™
* SPSS Complex Samples ™
* SPSS conjoint ™
* SPSS Custom Tables
* SPSS Data Preparation ™
* SPSS Data Entry ™
* SPSS Decision Trees
* SPSS Exact Tests ™
* SPSS Forecasting
* SPSS Missing Values
* SPSS Neural Networks ™
* SPSS Statistics Programmability Extension ™
* SPSS Regression
* SPSS Statistics Adapter for SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services ™
* SPSS Statistics Base

and the picture above shows the statistical analysis that can be solved using SPSS, namely linear regression analysis. to learn more about how SPSS mengguanakan please search on google, because until now has not managed to get a free download free ebook about the tutorial using SPSS.


Dekstop Screensaver Free Download

If you want to beautify your computer display.
You can install a desktop screensaver. when you activate it, then your computer will display moving images, such as: Fish, who plays in the aquarium, which is engaged Waterfall, Planet circulating in the orbit of the planet and many others an attractive appearance.


For you fans screensaver with beautiful and sexy girl pictures you can download here

Winzip Free Download

Zip files are single files, sometimes called "archives", that contain one or more compressed files. Zip files make it easy to keep related files together and make transporting, e-mailing, downloading and storing data and software faster and more efficient. The Zip format is the most popular compression format used in the Windows environment, and WinZip is the most popular compression utility.

Zip files compress data and therefore save time and space and make downloading software and transferring e-mail attachments faster. Typical uses for Zip files include:

  • Distributing files on the Internet: Only one download is required to obtain all related files, and file transfer is quicker because the archived files are compressed.
  • Sending a group of related files to an associate: When you distribute a collection of files as a single Zip file, you benefit from the file grouping as well as compression.
  • Saving disk space: If you have large files that are important but seldom used, such as large data files, simply compress the files into a Zip file and then unzip (or "extract") them only when needed.
To store files in a Zip file, or to access the files in a Zip file, you need a compression utility such as WinZip. WinZip makes it easy for Windows users to work with archives. WinZip features a standard Windows point-and-click drag-and-drop interface for viewing, running, extracting, adding, deleting, and testing files in Zip files. Occasional and first-time users can choose to use the intuitive WinZip Wizard.

After you have installed WinZip, you can open a Zip file by double clicking it and choosing "Unzip or install from an existing Zip file" in the WinZip Wizard. (If the WinZip Wizard does not open by default when you start WinZip, just click the Wizard button in the toolbar). The WinZip Wizard will guide you through the process of unzipping your file.

To create a new Zip file, open WinZip in the WinZip Wizard mode. (If the WinZip Wizard does not open by default, just click the Wizard button in the toolbar.) You will be asked "What do you want to do?" Simply select "Create a new Zip file" and click Next. The WinZip Wizard will guide you through the entire process.

When you become more familiar with Zip file operations, you can also try the WinZip Classic interface. The Classic interface offers many advanced features that are not available in the WinZip Wizard. Using the Classic interface, you can split large Zip files into smaller parts to overcome e-mail and other size limits; view, extract, and run individual files in a Zip file; remove files from an existing Zip file; encrypt your confidential files so that they can't be used without a password; and much more. To try the Classic interface, simply click the WinZip Classic button in the WinZip Wizard. Extensive program help is available for every aspect of WinZip Classic operation.

WinZip is tightly integrated with Windows and makes comprehensive use of Windows' drag and drop, desktop, and context menu features. Many WinZip users find that they can accomplish most of their common zip-related tasks without ever opening a WinZip window.


Here are some of the things you can do using drag and drop:

  • Compress files and folders by dragging them to a Zip file. It doesn't matter where the Zip file is: it could be open in a WinZip window; it could be listed in an Explorer window; it could be an icon on the desktop; it could even be showing in the Open File listing of an application. It doesn't matter where the files and folders you want to add are, either. If you can see the Zip file and what you want to add to it, just drag and drop, and WinZip does the rest.
  • Add files to the archive of your choice by dragging them to the WinZip desktop icon.
  • Extract files from a Zip file by dragging them from a WinZip window to the folder of your choice.
  • Extract all of the files from a Zip file by dragging it with the right mouse button to a folder or folder icon.
  • Open or view files in a Zip file by dragging them from the WinZip window to the appropriate application icon or window.
  • Print files from a Zip file by dragging them to a printer or printer icon.

And you can perform the most-needed Zip operations using Explorer context menus, too; just select the items of interest (files, folders, or Zip files), right click, and:

  • Add the items to a Zip file. You can choose an automatically named Zip file, a Zip file of your own choosing (including new ones), or you can pick from a list of recently used Zip files.
  • Zip and E-Mail the selected items.

If the selected item is a Zip file, you can:

  • Extract files. You can extract to the current folder, an automatically named subfolder, any of a list of recently used folders, or any folder of your choice. You can even extract from multiple Zip files in one operation by selecting them all before right-clicking.
  • Print a listing of the files contained in the Zip file.
  • Convert the Zip file to a self-extracting Zip file.
  • Encrypt the Zip file using either AES encryption or standard Zip 2.0 encryption.

A Wizard is a series of panels or pages that help you through a task. The Wizard look and feel is standardized, and is used throughout Windows and in many applications. Wizards are especially useful for complex or infrequently performed tasks.

The WinZip Wizard automates the most common tasks involving Zip files. Using the Wizard, you can:

  • Quickly access Zip files you've downloaded: no need to use Windows Explorer to hunt for downloaded files. The Wizard lists the Zip files in your "Favorite Zip Folders" by date, with the most recent files first, so you can quickly access the files you most recently downloaded. A search feature will find any Zip files "lost" on your hard drive.
  • Automatically install of software, desktop themes, and screen savers distributed in Zip files: if a Zip file contains a "setup" or "install" program, a desktop theme, or a screen saver, the Wizard will unzip the files, run the installation program (if appropriate), and clean up temporary files.
  • Easily zip, and unzip: just check the option for the action you want to perform, and the Wizard leads you through the process, step by step.
  • Decode MIME files (such as AOL e-mail attachments) quickly and easily.
  • Extract files from split or multiple disk ("spanned") Zip files.
  • Run pre-defined WinZip Job Files, or custom Job Files, that are provided to you from a trusted source.

A self-extracting Zip file is an executable file (.exe) that contains a Zip file and a small program to extract (unzip) the contents of the Zip file. Users can run (execute) a self-extracting Zip file just as they run any other program: just double click on the .exe file.

What are the Advantages to Self-Extracting Zip Files?

  • Self-extracting Zip files are ideal for electronic file distribution because they:
    • Optionally run a "setup" or "installation" program, which may be included by the developer when the files are decompressed.
    • Provide easy distribution of one or more compressed files.
    • Can contain multiple compressed files, minimizing download time and ensuring that important files do not become separated from the rest of the package.
    • Allow the receiver to use a familiar Windows interface to extract (unzip) files, without owning or knowing how to use a separate unzip utility, making them ideal for inexperienced users.
  • Any folder information in the Zip file is automatically restored, including empty folders.
  • You can create self-extracting Zip files that both unzip and overwrite automatically.
  • Self-extracting Zip files are 100% compatible with the Zip 2.0 standard.
  • When a self-extracting Zip file created by WinZip Self-Extractor is run, a dialog box is displayed. This dialog box makes it easy for the user to change the "Unzip To" folder and other options before extracting the files.

Adobe Flash Player Free Download

Adobe Flash Player is one of the most widely used software to play streaming video files on the internet. when you open the sites that play streaming videos then you need this software to be able to play it.

Adobe Flash Player will be integrated with the browser (eg Mozilla Firefox), which previously had to close once when you install this software.


Adobe Reader 9 Free Download

Adobe Reader software is the global standard for electronic document sharing. It is the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact with all PDF documents. Use Adobe Reader to view, search, digitally sign, verify, print, and collaborate on Adobe PDF files.


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PC Tune Up Free

PC Tune-Up brings your computer back to life by removing the items that can cause crashes, slow speeds, freezing, and impact the overall health of your computer. A perfect tool for novice users and experts alike, PC Tune-Up will improve your computers speed and reliability.

PC Tune-Up is a comprehensive registry repair and optimization tool. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for novice users to defrag their computers and the advanced options and settings provide tech-savvy users the control they require in configurations.


Step-By-Step: Tune Up Your Windows XP Machine (for Free)

Windows reminds me all too often of those finicky foreign sports cars of decades past. If you don't spend time tweaking, maintaining, and tuning it, it tends to run a little rough. A lot goes on under the hood to keep your XP-based PC running smoothly; but as you add, update, and delete software and data files, things can get sluggish. XP's built-in tweaking tools can boost your PC's performance.

Windows XP has fewer built-in tools than earlier versions of Windows, though the tools available are more full-featured. Other more-sophisticated and automatic tune-up tools can be found in various suites and stand-alone utilities, as discussed in "The Trouble-Free PC." But if you're frugal, their cost (up to $90) may give you pause. XP's built-in tools, along with a few free add-ons, should be sufficient for most users and most situations.

If you're using an earlier version of Windows, consult "Get a Free Tune-Up for Your Windows PC." And if you're up for a more extensive overhaul, check out "Optimize Your PC for Faster Start-Up Times" first.

1. Back up your PC. It's essential to perform regular backups of your PC, particularly if you'll be using utilities and tools that make software changes. Unfortunately, Windows XP Home Edition doesn't come with a backup utility. See Utilities To Back Up Your Data for downloads that will do the job.

The built-in backup utility in Windows XP Pro is more robust than earlier versions, but it won't back up to a CD-R. It does work with CD-RWs, hard drives, and removable storage.

Log in to XP Pro with Administrator privileges, select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup. Step through the various dialog boxes and follow all directions. In the 'What to Back Up' dialog box, choose the All information on this computer option if you haven't done a backup before. This will create a floppy that you can use to boot your PC and to restore the backup after a crash.

2. Check hard drives for errors. It's wise to do a thorough check on the status of your hard drives occasionally. Go to Start, My Computer, right-click the icon for your C: drive, and choose Properties. Then choose the Tools tab and click the Check Now button. Repeat this step for your other hard drives.

3. Defragment hard drives. The more you use your PC, the more some files become broken into disparate parts scattered around your hard drive. Defragmenting rearranges each file's pieces into a single continuous block for faster access.

You'll need to be logged in as the Administrator to run XP's Disk Defragmenter. First select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter. Highlight the drive that you want to check, and pre

ss the Analyze button. XP will tell you whether the drive needs to be defragmented. If XP does recommend defragging, click the Defragment button.

4. Sack any spyware. A free program like Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad-aware can get rid of any freeloading spyware that makes its way onto your system.

5. Clean out unneeded files. Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup, and select the drive you want to clean. XP will analyze your files and show a list of which ones can be removed. Check the boxes next to the categories you want to discard.

The More Options tab offers you several more cleanup choices. The System Restore cleanup option, in particular, can clear lots of disk space by erasing old restore points.

6. Back up again. Once you've finished tweaking your system and you're sure that everything is running well, it's a good idea to back up everything once again. That way, you'll always have a clean, fully optimized starting point that you can return to in case a disaster befalls your system.

Youtube Downloader

YouTube Downloader is software that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others and convert them to other video formats.
The program is easy to use, just specify the URL for the video you want to download and click the Ok button!
It also allows you to convert downloaded videos for Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, XVid and MP3.
You can use YouTube Downloader to download the videos of your choice from home, at the office or in school.
Download YouTube Downloader now and get started downloading your favorite videos from YouTube.